Sunday, March 27, 2011

O the Deep, Deep Love

The phone lines have been out at home for more than 3 weeks, so there's been no internet since then (hence the lack of blog posts). I can honestly say that it's been a tremendous blessing to go offline for a while. No hassle of having to constantly check emails and update blogs; no time wasted on Facebook reading people's endless updates and watching the videos they post; no instantaneous access to world news and other facts and information you would not otherwise need to know about. But only gaining the incredible privilege and blessing of more time spent at the throne of Grace, learning the Word at the Savior's feet, and contemplating His glory and majesty in worship and adoration. Whoever's reading this should try it sometime. You just might get closer to God.

Completely changing the subject, here's a hymn that I absolutely love:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I traveled with Juan again yesterday, this time to the town of Tehuchitlan (the name's a tongue-twister), which is about a 2 hour bus-ride away. It is known for its pre-hispanic pyramid ruins located somewhere in the town. We didn't visit them, however; maybe next time. Tehuchitlan is also next to a lake and known for its seafood.

Upon arriving, we headed to the town's main square and started preaching.

Many people heard the Gospel, and we distributed tracts to nearly everyone there. While preaching, brother Juan got chased around by a young heckler who was listening to music on his cell phone, and wanted to put it on the mouth of Juan's bull horn so that everyone could hear. But other than that, our time of preaching was uneventful, with apathy being the predominant sentiment among the people who listened.