Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last week...

A team from Calvary Chapel In The City in Boston came over to help us with construction in the church building we have in Santa Rosa de Villa. They stayed for about a week.


We made a concrete floor in one of the rooms...

...And we worked on the roof...

All finished!

On Saturday we went to a park in Villa Maria for an evangelistic outreach. There were mimes, music, and the preaching of the Gospel!

Even Miguel liked the show...


It was an incredible blessing having them here. I'm so glad to have met this group of men and women with humble hearts who were so willing to serve and obey the voice of the Lord. Please keep them in prayer!

Kara left!

On July 27th we had a going away party for Kara (center, below), who was going back to Florida after serving with us for three months. You will be missed!

We all signed a Peruvian flag and a notebook and gave it to her.

Please pray that the Lord continues to guide her, empower her, and show her His perfect will for her life.

Friday, August 1, 2008

July Trip Part 1

In July, when my dad and brother were still here, I was unexpectedly (and at the last minute) invited to go on a road trip with them and my aunt and uncle to the central part of Peru. Our main destinations were the jungle cites of Oxapampa and Pozuzo, but we stopped in many different pueblos (towns) along the way.
After seeing the jungle, we headed to the mountains, to city of Huancayo and its neighboring towns.
One of the things that most impacted me about this trip was the scarcity of Christian churches in all the areas that we stayed in or passed by. With the exception of Huancayo, which is a big city with much religious diversity, I could only find Pentecostal churches--about 1 in every 3 towns. Whereas in almost every town and every city I saw a Mormon temple, a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall, and, of course, a Roman Catholic cathedral.
Pretty sad. The need is great--please pray for laborers!

In order to reach the jungle we had to cross the mountains.

Ticlio--the highest railroad pass in the world

The city of Tarma

The jungle begins here

La Merced


July Trip Part 2

Villa Rica, Oxapampa, and Pozuzo are towns founded by German/Austrian colonists in the 1800s. You can find many caucasian people here, who still hold to much of their european traditions.

"Welcome to Villa Rica, the land of Coffee"

The lodge where we stayed at in Oxapampa

Paradise, on the way to Pozuzo

"Welcome to Pozuzo, the only Austrio-German colony in the world."

A tour guide wearing the traditional German dress

View from above


July Trip Part 3

In the small towns by the city of Huancayo:

My aunt with some locals in Acolla


A parade in Jauja, the little town where my dad and aunt were born.

This used to be their house. Now it's a school.

Huancayo at night.

A homesick Daniel.

"Ok, ok, we're leaving now!"