Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This week

My dad went on a missions trip to Bolivia early this month (center). Afterwards he hopped over to Peru to visit and travel, bringing along Phil, who was also part of the missions team (right). On the left are my aunt and uncle.

"El Salto del Fraile" ("The Firar's Jump")--A restaurant where a "monk" jumps off a cliff into the water for money. We actually got to see him do it, and I even got it on video!


Michael E. said...

Aaron, hope you are doing well always with that servant heart and love to the people. Did not know your dad was a missionary. I see that runs within the family. That is so NEAT. Praise the Lord!!!!

Melissa said...

Hey Aaron,

Wow, you all look alike.
It's seem like you all are having a good time!
Yeah my friend Fredee will be in Peru on the 16th of August ...
Connect with her if you can !!!