Monday, January 26, 2009

Ica Trip

Here are some pictures from our Ica outreach on January 9-10.

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Robin and Americo travel to Ica every Thursday to have Bible studies with local believers. I went with them that day. The next afternoon, Friday, the whole team came and we all met up at the hotel to discuss our plans for the next two days.

The folks at the home where Robin and Americo do the Bible studies offered to cook us lunch on both days. They prepared typical Ican dishes. The food was delicious.

We held the outreach in a park in downtown Ica. There were clowns, skits, puppets, and music prepared for the kids. Afterwards we would have worship songs, mimes, and preaching for the youth and adults. Here they are warming up before the show.

Many kids came on the first day.

Americo sharing his testimony and preaching the Gospel at night.

Since the oureach events we were holding began in the evenings (5-6ish), this gave us a couple hours of free time the next day in the afternoon before lunch. Most of us went out to preach the Gospel. We walked through the streets surrounding the hotel and the nearby parks, handing out tons of tracts and getting into conversations with people.

Here I am in the main square right outside the hotel. I tried to open-air preach here but the authortities immediately stopped me. They would allow me to preach only on the conditions that I not get up on my stool, not draw a crowd, not attract attention, not disturb the peace--in other words they wanted me to talk to myself. Scrapping that plan, we decided just to do one-to-one witnessing.

Evening worship at the park.

I got the opportunity to preach the Gospel.

Some of the brothers and sisters doing mimes.

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