Sunday, May 30, 2010

El Centro, Guadalajara

Downtown Guadalajara. This is where we regularly go out to preach (about 3 times a week). It's HUGE, filled with parks and plazas spanning many miles, and TEEMING with people all throughout the week. It's an open air preachers dream.

Here's Josef and Lina in Plaza Tapatía on Saturday. He preached in English and she translated. They decided to Whitefield it this time (not using an amp), hoping this would draw in people.

They drew a small crowd, and eventually it started to grow...

...And got HUGE!

There were many receptive people and many great conversations. They were just so hungry for spiritual things. Some of them even came up to us at the end and asked us, "What must I do to be saved?" (And no, we didn't lead them in the "sinner's prayer" ;-]). Praise the Lord!


Mike Snyder said...

Praise God! the people look interested in the gospel. I pray the Holy Spirit would dwar these people to Christ the Savior.

Beans In The Pot said...

You can see the difference in a countries response to the gospel by the crowd it draws. Praise the Lord!!

Keep it up brothers!