Monday, August 30, 2010

Wednesday and Saturday at Centro

Pastor Luis Bermea is getting more and more excited about sharing the Gospel. He asked us if we would join him on Wednesday for evangelism in downtown Guadalajara. Several brothers and sisters from the fellowship came to support and encourage him. He open air preached for the first time...Whitefield style (without a mike)!

Sarturday: Josef open air preaching in our usual fishing spot, Plaza Tapatía.

Lina Urban announces free tracts and Gospels of John. We usually hand out many of these after we preach.

Brother Giancarlo reasoning with two ladies.

This guy on the left was listening intently for a long time.

Sister Lorena had a chance to talk to him afterwards.

Although many people normally come up to talk to us during or after we preach, we've also been experiencing much demonic resistance lately from furious Catholics. Last week, an old man who was adamant that Peter was the "rock" and the first pope even hit sister Lina in the stomach! This Saturday while witnessing to several young men she was heckled by a Catholic who was outraged because she talked against idolatry and Marian worship. He claimed that the Virgin Mary is his only god. We had several other experiences like this this month. The devil doesn't want these poor sinners to be freed from the bondage of their false religion of works. Please pray for us, and for these people!

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