Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evangelism Escapades: Downtown Craziness Part 2

Guadalajara is celebrating its 467th anniversary this month, and as a result the city is holding many recreational activities in the Historic Downtown district, such as:

Free live concerts with well-known musical groups every night in one of the plazas.

A free ice-skating rink in another plaza...

Reactivated water fountains that had long been off, a live orchestra show in another square, and many other things. Small fast food booths have been set up in Plaza Tapatía where we normally preach; apart from that there are innumerable food vendors all over the place.

The number of street performers has doubled as a result of all this activity. The Downtown district has been filled up with huge-crowd-drawing clowns, statue men, breakdancers, Native American musicians, lasso-twirling cowgirls, mariachis, an Edward Scissorhands impersonator, and a whole lot of other unashamed whackos. I got a picture of a few statue people; the green guy below is on a toilet! His outrageous antics gained him a big crowd of people.

Sunday after the church meeting we went out to preach. Just look at how crowded it was that day!

It was an open air preacher's dream.

 Only a few minutes after Giancarlo began preaching...

...a fight broke out! Notice the people suddenly looking to their left. Several yards in front of Giancarlo, two men began to beat each other to a bloody pulp, and what appeared to be their girlfriends later joined in to help, pulling on and wrestling each other to the ground. As soon as this happened, the crowd of people walking by began to hurredly walk toward the fight so as not to miss it. It was sheer chaos for a couple minutes. Below are at least a hundred people gathered around the live crime scene as the men continue to duel it out.

I don't know how it ended; I didn't get close enough to the altercation to see the outcome, and neither did I want to. It's sad and shameful that people would rather watch a fight than listen to the Word of God. Giancarlo just kept on preaching through all of it, and while it was ocurring he even denounced the anger and hatred of these men as serious sins before a holy God.

A good-sized crowd of people stopped to intently listen when I preached later.

We stayed in Centro until night.

As Giancarlo proclaimed the Gospel in another plaza, a lady listened to him for a while and then came up to me to ask me where we congregate. As we conversed she told me she wanted to leave the Catholic church because she was dissapointed with their hipocrisy and corruption. She seemed like a kind, sincere lady...up until she began to tell me about her "experiences". She was into praying Catholic prayers and praying to the dead, and other occultic practices. She said she had taken many trips into the spirit world via astral projection, and had had many visions while praying. In one of these visions, she had seen souls suffering in "purgatory". She had seen many angels, the spirits of indigenous people walking around, and even the "virgin Mary." When I warned her about Satan masquerading as an angel of light, she responded that she was well aware of this fact, for she had seen an "angel of light" herself one day in a park--a being full of light similar to an angel, but when she drew closer to it she realized that it was a demonic spirit. The lady hardly let me get a word in, instead she just continued to describe her bizarre experiences that supposedly confirmed the validity of her Catholic beliefs. With her were her daughters and an intoxicated man who knew a lot of Scripture. She apparently had helped get him get off the street. But he was a devil, quoting the Bible left and right, all while drunk. He spoke nothing but utter foolishness, and became angry at us for refusing to acknowledge him as a brother in the Lord and pointing out his obvious sin. He eventually stormed off steaming mad, the lady and her daughters following him. She and this man were full of demons.

Well, we've had an interesting time in Centro this week, to say the least. Please pray that the many people we witnessed to in these past few days might be saved.

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