Saturday, February 23, 2008

Heartcry Conferences

Me with Charles Leiter, Paul Washer, and a local pastor in Sullana, Peru, Aug '07 :

Perhaps the highlight of my stay so far has been being able to attend, and participate in, the Heartcry conferences held here in Lima. Heartcry is a missionary society started by Paul Washer, a preacher and missionary who lived in Peru for many years (infamous in America for his "Shocking Youth Message" and powerful sermons that urge the sleeping Church and nominal "christianity" to repent and get back to the Bible--see videos on the right).
The conferences were held in the Baptist church Mr. Washer founded in the district of Barranco. The first one I attended was a pastor's and leader's conference in August. Arriving, I expected to just sit somewhere in the back, unnoticed, and listen and take notes, and maybe even get a chance to meet brother Paul and ask him some questions.

But the Lord had other plans.

I met Mr. Washer all right, and when I did, he informed me that they were in dire need of a translator for the other preacher that had come, Charles Leiter. And as it turned out, with the exception of brother Paul, I was the only one at the entire conference who could speak Spanish and English fluently (though anything but perfectly). So, praise God, I got to spend the entire 4 days of the event translating brother Charles' messages on Justification and Regeneration (they recorded them and even put them up on!). And not only that, but I also got to travel with them to Sullana, a city in northern Peru, where they were holding another conference in a Baptist seminary. It was awesome to be able to spend time with these men of God and glean from them spiritual wisdom.

The second conference I attended was in January of this year. Brother Paul came down again, with his family and several other preachers. I got the privilege of helping translate again. This time it was a bit easier for me, and I did a way better job, in my opinion. I translated for a pastor named Andy Wisner, who talked about Biblical counseling. This conference was a bit more diverse in the topics discussed. While the last one, which was only for pastors and leaders, concentrated mainly on the Gospel, this conference covered other issues like the family, knowing the Word of God, and counseling, and was open to all.
I thank the Lord that I was able to even be a small part of this great work that He is doing in Peru through these worthy men. The Church here is in desperate need of biblical Truth; I pray God will raise up more Spirit-filled laborers who will preach the uncompromised Word of God, regardless of the cost.


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