Wednesday, May 7, 2008

April Updates

Well, a lot has happened last month...many new and exciting opportunities to serve the Lord and glorify His name. One of these exciting things has been the incredible opportunity to teach at my church. I've been teaching an "Evangelism Course" on Saturday afternoons for the past three weeks. It's been great, I've been pleasantly surprised by the good turnout--about 16 steady attenders, most of them youth, whose hearts are hungry, willing, and open to learn how to share the Gospel with the lost. On the first week, the introductory class, I talked about the Gospel and what it is, going through Romans 3:23-26 and the subjects found therein--the depravity of man, justification, propitiation, and the meaning of the Cross. The class lasted two hours but I wish I could have expounded further on these basic but profound themes. While I was teaching some would look at me in utter shock and amazement, as if to say, "I have never heard this before!" They had many questions for me during and after the class. Through this the Lord showed me the incredible need there is among the Church here in Peru to learn and know biblical doctrine.

One of the things I emphasized in the class is that the Gospel is not an elementary truth, from which we go on to bigger and better things in our walk with God. No, the Gospel is THE Truth, and our whole lives should revolve around it. We need to dedicate our lives to understanding more and more the amazing work of our Lord Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. Our lives and spiritual growth depend on it.

But anyway, I thank the Lord for what He's been doing. On the other weeks I've been going through many of the lessons from the School of Biblical Evangelism textbook by Ray Comfort. They have likewise been a blessing for the students and for me. It's amazing to see how God has been working in the hearts of my brothers and sisters, giving them a desire and a zeal to preach the Gospel to their friends and loved ones, and to strangers.

This Saturday is the last class of the first part of the course. God willing there will be many more parts following (as there is so much more to cover).
Please pray for me: that God would use me to glorify His Son in these classes, and that He would give me much wisdom and patience, and the ability to teach. And for all of us who go on Saturdays: to be able to learn more and more from Him, for more zeal and boldness to preach, to be united as brothers, and to be full of His Holy Spirit and love.

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