Saturday, November 27, 2010

College Evangelism

On Tuesday brother Dean and I payed a visit to Living Waters, the ministry where I used to work at. It was a great blessing to be able to spend some time (albeit only a few minutes) with my brothers and sisters there, most of whom I had not seen in years. We didn't stay too long because Tony Miano (who heads up the Ambassadors Alliance for the ministry) invited us to go with him, Chad Williams and Ray Comfort to do some evangelism...and he was very anxious to go preach. So off we went. This turned out to be a great blessing as well.

We first tried Fullerton College, only to find it nearly empty due to Thanksgiving week. So we changed plans and went to Cerritos College instead. Here are some pictures:

Setting up.

Chad starts out by asking trivia questions for money.

"YOU are the man!..."

"...who wins a dollar!"

This young man thinks he can win $20 for being a "good person"... in comes Ray to take him through the "Good Person Test".

Ray deals with a few hecklers.

The crowd gets bigger...

And bigger...

Now, I don't know how things normally go for these brothers when they open-air in colleges...but I'd say they hit the jackpot that day, as far as crowds and hecklers go. There had to be about a hundred people intently listening to what was being preached. We had more than a dozen hecklers get up on the "heckler's box" to give their questions and comments. Their objections ranged from good, to goofy, to outright ridiculous.

Ray and Chad proclaimed the Gospel that day, while Tony and Dean mostly recorded everything on video.

And me? I was content to stand by and simply watch and listen, taking some pictures. I took note of many interesting ideas for open air preaching, some of which I just may use when I go back to Mexico.

Dean (above) and I with Ray Comfort.

Heading back to headquarters after the battle.

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